• Treasure Craft and Michele Jewelry

  • By: Julie Lischka & Sabrina Sandoval

    Family run businesses are a staple in small towns and two of Bellville’s finest are no different. Treasure Crafts and Michele’s Jewelry are run by two sisters who got their start with a little help from their parents but have turned their stores into successful operations that locals love to shop in.

    Treasure Crafts

    In 1971, Abner Jackson leased a building on the square in Bellville to use for furniture storage for Tesco Industries. Soon after, a local group of women asked Abner’s wife, Dainty, if they could use part of the building for art lessons so they wouldn’t have to drive into Houston. Dainty agreed and seized the opportunity to sell art supplies on the shelves that were conveniently already being stored there. The art lessons were a big hit, which led to more classes and more supplies. They taught crafts, painting, knitting, crochet, needlepoint and so much more. The store began to evolve to include gift items and from there it continued to grow into what it is today.

    In 1976, Abner and Dainty’s daughter, Jay Lischka, took over Treasure Crafts. Although the art lessons have ceased since then, they do still offer custom framing, which they have been doing since the 70’s. You can also find gift items, kitchen accessories, baby items, and home décor and accents. As you walk in to the store you will find several registries for local couples that are getting married. It has become somewhat of a local tradition to register for your wedding at Treasure Crafts. You can find fine dishware to unique home accents on the registries. 

    Michele Jewelry

    With one daughter running Treasure Crafts, Dainty decided to expand her horizons and purchase what is now known as Michele Jewelry from Bill and Donna Lyth. She ran the store until she passed away in 1998. At that point her other daughter, Michele Inglish, purchased it. Michele’s carries popular jewelry brands such as Kendra Scott, Lula ‘n’ Lee, Uno De 50 and more. They also carry custom jewelry, Jon Hart bags, gift items and offer jewelry repair. 

    Both daughters have worked in their businesses since the beginning and pride themselves on being family owned and operated. To them, it is more than just a business; it is a way of life. Their businesses have also given their daughters an opportunity to gain work experience at a young age. You can find Jay & Michele’s daughters working along side their mother’s, helping manage the stores.

    Both stores have been open on the square in Bellville for over 40 years. If you were wondering why the ladies choose to operate their business in such a quiet town rather then venture into the big city here’s what Jay had to say about the matter, “We love our small town, and strive to provide our community with quality merchandise and personal service.” 

    If you are searching for a gift, jewelry, home décor or unique treasures, look no further than Treasure Crafts and Michele Jewelry, located conveniently two doors down from each other on the square in Bellville.


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