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  • Just because we have beautiful wildflowers, rolling hills, and a picturesque country town, doesn't mean we're not interested in economic growth. We continue to bloom behind our small town image. We welcome and actively pursue economic growth. Whether it is an industrial or retail location you're looking for, a country home or that long awaited retirement place, we have the team you'll need to help you with that important decision. Come for a day, a week or a lifetime and Discover Bellville.

    Bellville, Belle of the Bluebonnet Country, is the County Seat of Austin County, Texas. It's close in proximity to Houston and Bryan/College Station, but noted for typifying the small town country life.

    Founded in 1848 and incorporated in 1927, Bellville enjoys a population of approximately 4,200 residents. This desirable location is about 60 miles west of Houston, 13 miles north of Interstate Highway 10 & 18 miles south of Texas Highway 290. At an elevation of 275 feet above sea level, Bellville stands in timeless harmony with its green rolling hills and spectacular wildflower displays from early spring through late summer. Thomas and James Bell, one of Stephen F. Austin’s Old Three Hundred settlers, emigrated from Florida in 1822 to the Bellville area. They donated over 145 acres to Austin County and Bellville was named for them. Churches, a log cabin, and a wooden courthouse were the first public structures in Bellville. Most of the residents were farmers, and the town grew slowly until the coming of the Santa Fe Railroad in 1880, when the population rose from 300 people to 1,000 residents within three years.

    LCRA electrical power is supplied to residents of Bellville through the City of Bellville and residents of Austin County through San Bernard Electric Cooperative, who also has an office located in Bellville. Texas Southeastern Gas Company furnishes natural gas to Bellville. High speed internet and cable television service are available to residents.

    Bellville is served by an aldermanic form of government with city owned and operated utilities. Many state and county offices are conveniently located in the Austin County Courthouse. The recently remodeled Bellville Medical Center is home to the only hospital in Austin County, a licensed 32-bed acute care hospital that has recently returned to a locally-operated independent hospital and professional building. Complete with Emergency Level 4 Trauma services & Level 3 Stroke center, outpatient & surgical services, full laboratory services, imaging services including Bone Density, MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, Echocardiogram, Ultrasound and 3-D Mammography and even Outpatient Therapy services including Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy. All located just 4 blocks from the Courthouse Square.

    The city also has a local school district; a Christian-based school, Public Library, The Bellville Times, a weekly newspaper, four financial institutions, and a variety of small businesses, manufacturers and other industries. Some added resources of Bellville are available housing, and convenient sites for clean industrial and retail development. Bellville has an Economic Development Corporation funded by 4B Sales Tax.

    Bellville is a charming, clean, well planned community, featuring a colorful mixture of various cultures. With smog-free air, a pastoral atmosphere, and high accessibility to major highways, Bellville offers many desirable features to the visitor, the resident, and various business interests.

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