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    Cowboy is a custom knife maker, forging blades out of high carbon tool steels. His shop was built in 1891 and worked for almost a 100 years as a blacksmith shop.

    Each knife is hand forged and hand crafted as a piece of art that is also functional. Each is one of a kind varying in design, metals, and materials. Cowboy offers knives custom made to suit the client’s interests. These knives are crafted to last for generations.

    Ancient legend tells of the ‘Phenix‘, a bird said to be the only one of its kind, living 500-600 years. Setting itself on fire, it rises renewed from the ashes to start another life. It is an emblem of immortality, a paragon, or item of singular distinction of beauty. Hence, his knives are placed in the fire to be reborn into a beautiful but functional piece of art suitable to be passed down from generation to generation.

    The old world arts have always held a special appeal to Cowboy, with knives being the forerunner of his passion. He chooses to utilize this time proven old world tradition to design and craft his knives, incorporating skills from the Orient as well as European and American techniques.

    Contact Cowboy for custom, hand-forged knives and blades.

    Call 713-724-6813;
    Email cowboy@phenixknives.com, or
    Come by the shop if you would like to talk about your project.


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